Jeff Beard

President & CEO

"Each day I have two equally important focuses. First, I do everything I can to ensure our customers are treated right. That includes everything from processing each customer transaction correctly to improving and expanding our products and services to meet each customer's needs. Second, I try to maximize our shareholders' return by improving efficiencies and expanding revenues."

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Galen Kelch

Vice President & Chief Lending Officer

"I love listening to business owners talk about how they choose to run their business. It keeps each day fresh and new because no two people do things the same. A big part of my job is figuring out what that business needs and finding the products that fit the best. I want the opportunity to listen to what your business needs are. People have more choices today than ever before and choosing a local bank and lender can really make a difference."

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Mart√° Brown

Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

"As a member of the Standing Stone Bank family, I am happy to be part of a team that is truly dedicated to serving the community. I will work toward increasing the use of technology in our operations in order to improve efficiencies and allow us more time to focus on growing the Bank for our shareholders. I look forward to carrying out the Bank's vision and becoming an active member of the community."

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Kristi Conaway

Vice President, Operations Officer

"My focus as Operations Officer is to effectively manage the operations staff to keep our customer's interest a priority. The operations staff handles customer inquiries and insures customer transactions are recorded accurately and promptly. I take pride in representing Standing Stone Bank and enjoy getting to know our customers."

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Lisa Strohl

Assistant Vice President - MLO # 823854

"For over 15 years, I have had the opportunity to assist our customers with their personal loan needs. Whether it's their new car, camper, or home equity line of credit, it brings me great pleasure to know that I have helped our customers and their families achieve goals that otherwise may not have been attainable."

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Bobbie Walker

Assistant Vice President, Ety Road Officer, Loan Officer - MLO # 823855

"Our Ety Road office staff is committed to providing our customers with an exceptional service experience. Be it opening a deposit account, assisting with any type of loan need, processing a transaction, or just answering a question, we have an abiding passion to serve, listen, and educate, thereby building lasting relationships with our customers that help them to achieve their financial goals. That is what 'There when it counts' means to us."

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Desi DeJohn

Assistant Vice President, Mortgage Loan Officer - MLO # 790482

"Being a part of a community bank offers me the unique opportunity to get to know our customers on a personal level, enabling me to personally assist them through the mortgage process and help them find the perfect mortgage loan for their needs. Whether it's a purchase or refinancing an existing loan, I want to make the process an easy, enjoyable experience for each of our customers."

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Debbie Cooper

Assistant Vice President, Investment Executive & Financial Services Officer

"I truly enjoy helping our customers plan their future. I work with my clients to make sure they understand their investment choices as well as feel comfortable with the choices they make."

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Karen Davis

Assistant Vice President, Administrative Officer & Corporate Secretary

"It is my great pleasure and privilege to be associated with such a great community bank. I strive to maintain the bank's high standard of excellent customer service and profitability for our shareholders."

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Julie L. Schmeltzer

Assistant Vice President, Business Development Officer

"I am honored to work for a bank that is dedicated to the success of this community. My role allows me to serve the business community where I will take the time to understand your business and recommend solutions that best fit your banking needs. I am committed to your success"

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Rick Bagby, CRCM

Assistant Vice President & Compliance Officer

"For over twenty-five years, Standing Stone has always put people first by being committed to the highest ethical standards and to providing the best possible service to its customers. It is both my honor and my privilege to assist the staff in maintaining their dedication to the community by helping them to stay informed of the latest changes in federal law and banking regulations."

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