Personal Loans in Lancaster, OH

Personal Loans

Get the funds you need for just about anything — whether it's a long-overdue vacation, money for school, or anything else! A personal loan from Standing Stone is an affordable way to fund almost anything in life.

You'll enjoy competitive rates, as well as a simple application process and fast decisions made locally. Plus, we'll work to create terms that are customized to your unique situation, with personalized service from start to finish. Apply today!

Please contact Lisa Strohl or Bobbie Walker for more information.

Financial Calculators

  • Borrow funds for almost any need
  • Take a much-needed vacation
  • Consolidate debt
  • And more!
  • Enjoy competitive rates
  • Flexible terms customized to you
  • Fast, streamlined processing
  • Decisions made locally
  • Personalized service from start to finish